AlterEgo Concrete


Concrete is an exciting material that provides innovative and lightweight solutions compatible with lighter building structures. There is virtually no limit to the profile shapes that can be manufactured in a variety of smooth, textured and coated finishes to match the creative aspirations of clients and specifiers.

Thin and reinforced concrete is particularly versatile; it can be formed using bespoke moulds in the same way as precast concrete, but manufactured in thinner sections typically 10–20mm thick that result in lighter components. It offers great versatility due to its superior compressive strength and more importantly its high flexural properties.

Due to the reduced weight it is environmentally friendly in comparison to precast concrete with lower CO2 emissions caused during the manufacturing process.

Lightweight reinforced concrete production process varies greatly from any other cladding material so we actively encourage clients to visit our factories to understand the specifics of both the manufacturing process and the material itself, how it’s formed and how it acquires its strength and characteristics.

Together with our team of designers and engineers we are always highly motivated to create new solutions considering the system from the face of backing wall to the face of the panels.


The specification of the system is dependent on numerous factors. Aesthetics are important; however we do make a thorough analysis of a building structure and the wind loads before we recommend a suitable system.

The fixing system for concrete panels is always bespoke and options include:

  • incorporating stainless steel hooks into bonding pad pockets to the rear of the panels for fixing onto slab to slab mullions and brackets;
  • an aluminium hook-on system whereby the tolerance is adjusted on the bolts cast into the back of the panels;
  • an aluminium hook-on system connected to the rear of the panels by means of undercut anchorage.

Completed Projects